Wordless Wednesday – Worm’s Hat & Glasses

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Worm is TWO!

Two years ago, I was awakened at 4am by labour pains.  Realizing that it was July 7th, exactly 2.5yrs after Deklan’s birthday, I was determined to birth that baby within the next 20hrs.
At about 10:00am we dropped Deklan off at daycare and headed to the hospital for the long road ahead.  Just under 12hrs later, at 8:57pm, Easton Henry Raine was welcomed into the world with open arms, and tears of joy.

And now, here we are… In the blink of an eye, it’s two years later.

Easton’s day started off with all three of us barrelling into his room to wish him a Happy Birthday.
He was bleary eyed and surprised/confused, but he smiled his little smirky-smile nonetheless.

When asked what he wanted for breakfast, the answer came quickly: Pancakes.
Mister got out the Aunt Jemima (because who needs scratch when these taste good and are so quick/easy!) and let E help him make breakfast. He was pretty excited to be big-boy enough to participate.

After a quick visit from Grumpy & Granny, we headed out to buy the birthday boy his gift: his very own set of golf clubs. From Golf Town. Much like his Daddy & his big brother, Easton asks to go to Golf Town every single weekend.  I’m totally outnumbered!
When it came time for lunch, Easton showed no hesitation in requesting pretzels.  In order to make it just a BIT more healthy, we added a side of Booster Juice.

We arrived home and took to the back yard for some fun in the sun.  And I did my darndest to get a portrait of the birthday boy.
Have I mentioned lately that we’re starting the Terrible Two’s?

Ma’am and Papa arrived for a quick visit, and then it was nap time.
Easton seemed much happier after his nap, so we went back outside and attempted portraits one more time.  With always dutiful assistance from Mister, we finally succeeded!

After a Happy Meal for dinner, Grandma & Grandpa arrived and so did Aunty & Uncle.
We all sang Happy Birthday, and watched Easton blow out the two candles on his Cookie Monster cupcake.

It feels like just yesterday that Deklan turned two.
So the fact that Easton is not just one, but TWO… it’s almost unbelievable to me.

Happy Birthday baby boy!  Mummy loves you, even when you’re Terrible!

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