Macro Monday – Wedding Rings

If you’d asked me at the start of 2014 if I’d be shooting any weddings this year, I would’ve said “No. I don’t do weddings any more. Just newborns.”

I was wrong. When my Dad mentioned that his friends daughter was getting married and he wanted me to shoot the wedding with him, how could I say no? A chance to work beside the person who is the reason I fell in love with photography to begin with… who wouldn’t take it!?

So, on a beautiful, sunshiney Saturday afternoon, my Dad picked me up in the hotrod, and we drove to Shawnigan Lake for Chrissie & Jay’s wedding.

I sent a super-quick sneak-peek to the new Mrs yesterday, and will likely do a full blog post in a few weeks.  Her sneak peek included this image of their wedding rings.  I love the simplicity and beauty that a macro lens can capture! Who needs fancy props when the details themselves are this perfect?


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Wordless Wednesday – Married for over 8yrs

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Macro Monday – Wedding Rings

Buying a macro lens is one of the best photography purchases I’ve ever made.  I love the level of details that I can capture. From newborn baby lips and eyelashes, to stones in wedding rings. I’m actually considering a personal project for next year, that only uses my 100m macro lens.

Today’s macro Monday post is a photo of Heather & Ken’s wedding rings.  They had a fun idea and requested that I photograph their rings with a fishing lure.  It was something I’d never attempted before, but I really liked the way it turned out.
MacroHKRingsDeyBlogIf you have any ideas or suggestions for a macro personal project that I could take on, feel free to leave them here in the comments, or reach out on Facebook/Twitter.

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Macro Monday: Rings

I got a text from a friend of mine yesterday, telling me that due to a jewelry store “mishap”, her beloved engagement ring was gone. GONE. She was heartbroken – and I’m sure I’d feel the same if it happened to me.
The store told her it’s only happened two times in twenty years.  And this time, it was to her.
Luckily her wedding band and promise ring made it back safely from repair, and thankfully her engagement ring was insured – But it was custom made, and obviously irreplaceable.

Her bad news prompted me to get in touch with my jeweler right away about having my rings appraised so that I can be sure that they’re properly insured – even though money doesn’t come close to sentimental value.

I wish I’d thought to take the time to offer to photograph her rings for her.  After all, rings are one of my favorite things to photograph, it would’ve been so easy. Hindsight. *sigh*

The ones below are mine. My engagement ring, my wedding band, and my anniversary/family ring. I love them all so much, and I feel naked if I ever leave the house without them on.

Is your jewellery properly insured & photographed in the event that something like this happens to you!? If not, are you going to look into it now?


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Wedding Details

Last weekend I finally finished up my last 2013 wedding.  Heather & Ken are such an awesome couple. I could go on and on, but I’ll save that for their blog post. This one is dedicated to some of their details. Heather’s dress was beautiful and flowy. Is flowy a word? It is now! Ken picked the boutonniere’s himself, and put their wedding planner to work on finding them. If memory serves, they came from Hawaii. And I LOVED the West Coast feel of their adorable cake-topper!


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