Happy Father’s Day

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Li’l Puckers

Our oldest Duder has been enamored with hockey from a VERY early age.  At about three months old, even during his most colicky stages, he would sit, quietly & attentively, whenever there was a hockey game on TV. For his … Continue reading

Mr & Mrs Legh

I still can’t believe that it was close to 10yrs ago that I met these guys! Melisa moved to Victoria in 2003, and seeing as her boyfriend and my boyfriend (now our husbands) were such good friends, I knew we’d … Continue reading

Katherine & Andy’s Wedding Day

I’ve been looking forward to this wedding since I first met with Katherine & Andy, all those months ago.  It’s usually the simple details that make a photographer the happiest, and at that first meeting, knowing that Andy would be … Continue reading

Mandy & Brian tied the knot

From the first time I talked to Mandy about her wedding, I thought that we’d be a good fit.  And a few days later, when I saw a photo of her little Duder on Facebook, and he was wearing an … Continue reading

Project 2010 – Drip

I’m not exactly sure why it’s taken me so long to post this image… it’s one of my favorites and it was taken a while back, when Jen and I did our photo-walk thru the grounds at work.

The rain had just let up, but the drain spout was still dripping into this one little puddle…

Photo Walk

Sometimes inspiration is as close as your doorstep… it just takes someone else to help you find it there. 

My friend Jenn and I have both been suffering from a lack of inspiration.  Victoria in the winter can be a dull and dreary place, full of rain and clouds and grey skies.
Last Friday, we decided to use our lunch break from work and go on a photo walk.  We only walked as far as the back garden of our building, and we were both happily surprised with what we found.
Here are a few of my images…

Happy Birthday…

… to my favorite wedding planner, and good friend, Liz!

Here she is with Tadpole, when he was just a month young.

Helmet Head

Nope.  We’re not your typical girls.  No pole dancing lessons or pub crawl on this stagette… instead we did a scavenger hunt, and raced go-carts.  I’ve already posted the wedding pic’s, but somehow I forgot to post this one… now we’re coming back to it because it’s too good to be missed.  Thanks to the bride’s little sis for snapping this shot of the bride-to-be, one of her bridesmaids, and lil’ ol’ me.

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The Boys

When I was in highschool, I had 3 very different best friends and a few years after graduation, we all went our separate ways.  One friend moved to Ontario, and we’re not really in touch anymore.  Aunty Tulip is one of the others.  She lives in Calgary now, but we’re still really close and we see each other as often as we can.

The 3rd friend moved to the mainland, married a beautiful girl, and had himself a sweet little family. 

And in July they moved back to Victoria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m BEYOND excited to have them back in my life – and now my little Tadpole gets to grow up and be friends with his boys, Z-man (who’s 4) and his little brother J-Bear (who’s only a few months younger than Tadpole).
Mister and I had them all over for a BBQ and, of course, I had to pull out the camera and capture a few images of the boys playing together.

These are a few of my favorites (post-processing with Pioneer Woman‘s Heartland Action) and I’ll share some black and whites at some point next week. 

Okay, I can’t resisit… two more for the road…