Throwback Thursday – Christmas portraits

You might be thinking that it’s silly for me to be thinking of Christmas in July. And you might be right. But here’s the thing… I don’t care! I love Christmas. Even in July! I’ve already started working on the Duders wish lists with them, and I’ve already started my shopping.
This year is going to be even better than last year. The boys are both at such great ages to really revel in the magic of the holiday. And hopefully, this year, they’re at great ages to cooperate for portraits! TOGETHER. Last year was a bust. The year before was a bust… you get the idea. They’re both pretty good at individual portraits, but trying to get them together is a challenge, to say the least.
Today’s flash back is to a couple of my favorite individual Christmas portraits: Deklan’s is from 2010, and Easton’s is from 2011.


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Throwback – Newborn B

Last Easter Sunday, my sweet baby niece got to leave the hospital, and the bunny delivered her to her home.  What a perfect way to celebrate the holiday!
She wasn’t quite ready for her newborn portraits yet, but with an Auntie who loves photography as much as I do, there wasn’t a chance that her homecoming would go undocumented!  Mister and I packed up the boys, and drove over to greet our Little Bee.
I just love these images… they really show just how smitten the Duders are with their baby cousin.

(I have a number of Braylie, by herself, in her Easter basket… but I’m going to save those for another post.)

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Throwback to Summer of 2010

Today’s iheartfaces photo challenge prompt is “flashback” – which perfectly coincides with Throwback Thursday!
I chose an oldie but a goodie of Easton from the Summer of 2010. I sure do miss the days when my Duders didn’t know any better, and bribes weren’t required in order to photograph them.  But I still love looking into these big brown eyes!  They’re quite a bit darker now than they were then.

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Flashback to summer 2010: Baby E!! #iheartfaces

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Throwback – Newborn E

I have had the distinct pleasure of photographing two baby boys over the past two weeks.

On Valentine’s day, I spent a few hours with a 5 day old. Then, just over a week later, on a snowy Sunday afternoon, I spent my afternoon with a 17 day old preemie & his big brother.

There isn’t much that makes me happier than photographing newborn babies.

Mister and I completed our family with the birth of Easton, so snuggling with other peoples little bundles of joy really makes me reminisce:
The sleepless nights; the countless feedings and diaper changes; the constant worry… the way it feels when your babe wraps his hand around your finger, or makes eye contact the first time; that first coo, smile, laugh; the first time they tell you that they love you… parenthood is the most amazing job in the world, and I wouldn’t trade it for ANYTHING.

I hope that all of the parents of “my” newborns love their new jobs as much as I love mine!

Here’s baby E at approx 7 days old. Our Mr. Serious, just hanging around in Daddy’s arms.
(I love this portrait of him. But I will say that looking at it also makes me proud to say that I can see how much my photography has improved in the past couple of years. Sometimes a walk down memory lane serves multiple purposes!)


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Throwback – Portrait Bribery

I was eating a Peek Freans cookie the other day (and I instagrammed an iPhone picture of it for two different prompts: “snack” and “half”) and it reminded me so much of this portrait of Deklan. I knew I had to share it here today.

It was a sunny day in February of 2011. Mister and I took the boys to the park to enjoy the weather, and so that I could try to take some portraits.  Easton was his usual serious self, and Deklan wanted nothing to do with slowing down long enough for me to photograph him. As I’ve often done with my darling Duders, I resorted to bribery. Think what you must of me and my parenting practices, but I’m not above bribery in certain circumstances – especially when it comes to having the boys be cool in front of the camera.
On this particular day, good ol’ Peek Freans cookies were the bribery material of choice, and I couldn’t have been happier with the results (Dek was happy too… I let him eat them both as soon as I knew I had what I set out to capture)!


And because I mentioned it, in case you’re interested, here’s the one from Instagram the other day.

Do you bribe your kids? What do you bribe them to do, and what’s your favorite bribe?

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Throwback – Learning to Skate

My oldest Duder has been enamored by hockey since before he could walk, talk, or even hold his bottle on his own.  At 3 months old, long before he should’ve been able to “pay attention”, he’s been obsessed with the sport.  As a colicky newborn, his hours and hours of daily crying would briefly cease if there was a hockey game on TV. Luckily, Mister and I both enjoy hockey… but I don’t think either of us could have ever anticipated watching anywhere near as much of it is as we have since Deklan was born.

Now, he’s a whopping six years old.  He started Kindergarten in September, but more exciting for him, was the fact that he’s now old enough to play hockey. REAL hockey – not just skating lessons.  The “Juan de Fuca Grizzlies, Initiation Team 2” to be exact.  They started practicing back in September, and had their first game during a tournament at the end of December.  This past weekend, at only his 2nd game since that tournament, our hockey loving little boy scored his first goal. And then his second goal!  I don’t think I’ve ever been as proud of him as I was at that moment.  Seeing the enormous smile hiding behind the cage of his helmet made me want to burst!  For a boy who’s loved hockey for his entire life (almost literally!), seeing him out on ice with his teammates, so happy, was pure joy. Mister and I couldn’t stop talking about it – the whole way home from the arena!

I haven’t taken my camera to the rink so far this year, but I vow to before the end of the hockey season (maybe even this weekend)!
But since it’s Throwback Thursday, I’m going to share some pictures from Deklan’s first few times on skates.  So little and cute… and such ambition!


Do your kiddos have a life-long obsession?

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Throwback – Mr. Serious

This really has nothing to do with today’s post, but I can’t resist sharing…
…I got an email yesterday from a nice lady named Candace.
Candace is the #YMCCommunity manager at Yummy Mummy Club.
A few weeks ago, I applied to join the community, and yesterday Candace sent me my acceptance email. Hip Hip Hooray!
Here’s where you can find my page, and the pages of the rest of the#YMCCommunity:

Okay… enough shop-talk… on to the blog post!
Today’s throwback is all about Easton. My little Mr. Serious.
Since it’s Deklan’s birthday month, there’s been a lot of focus on him lately, so I figured it was E’s turn to star in a post.
This sweet little boy of mine is silly, and funny, and crazy in all the right ways. But if you’re a new person in his world – forget about it! There’s no chance that he’s making friends with you, smiling at you, or even just giving you the time of day.
Looking back at photos of him over his 3.5yrs, you’d never know he was anything but serious & stubborn. Speaking of which, I’ll take credit for the Shields’ impatience in the boys – but the stubborn streak in my Duders is ALL Dey – even if they’re too stubborn to admit it ;)

His very first portrait. It’s been featured on my blog before, but it fits too well to skip it in this post. The little Worm with his namesakes.


This is Easton’s first Halloween. Such a serious little Lion Man! (and yes, I still think of him every time I hear the Mumford & Sons song)


Easton’s 1st Christmas portrait. I didn’t realize until I was editing it, that he’s actually flipping me the bird. Clearly, he’s UBER impressed to be in front of my camera again.


Playing on the swings at the park. Most kids either love, or hate the swings. His feeling was clearly: Meh.
And just hanging out in Mummy & Daddy’s bed. Serious as always.

TBTEBlog3I have so many more images that are along these same lines. But rather than inundate you with them now, I’m going to save them for a future blog post – now there’s thinking ahead!

I’d love to know what kind of kiddo(s) you have… happy? Serious? Cranky? Silly?

Happy Thursday!

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Throwback – Baby Deklan in 2008

I didn’t get my first SLR until just after Deklan’s first birthday, so while we did have some family portraits done, most of the pictures from his first year are from my point & shoot.

Today’s Throwback just goes to show that it doesn’t matter what kind of camera you use (SLR, point & shoot, polaroid, cell phone…), as long as you’re using SOMETHING to capture special the moments in your life.  Portraits have a time and a place – but so do snapshots, and they shouldn’t be forgotten or ignored.

This photo is so memorable because Deklan was a colicky baby. He cried. A LOT. Almost every day. For 4-6 hours. For months on end. Sleep was a precious commodity… it was pretty much the only time of day that he wasn’t crying. Being able to look back on this adorable sleeping baby boy reminds me that he was/is perfect. Tears and all. (But he was more perfect when he was sleeping. I’m sure other parents of colicky babies would agree with me!)


Are you remembering to capture your memories? What’s your preferred method?

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Throwback – My Newborn & Big Brother

I had the pleasure of photographing two newborn baby boys with their older siblings last month.  Big sister Isla and baby brother Kade, and big brother Angus with his baby brother Jude.  Seeing them together reminded me so much of when Easton was a baby, and Deklan doted on his baby bro.
My Duders were the first Big-Kiddo-and-New-Baby siblings I’d ever taken a stab at photographing, and this remains one of my favorite portraits of all time.  So what better image to use for this weeks Throwback post?
We couldn’t have asked for a better big brother for our Little Worm.  The Tadpole was thrilled to have a sibling – even though he’d wanted a sister.  Luckily his quick-thinking Uncle fixed the dilemma for us by explaining that “a brother is just a sister who’s a boy”. Wow. I don’t know how he came up with that so fast, but it was EXACTLY the logic needed for Dek’s precocious 2.5yr old brain.
From their very first meeting in the hospital, the Duders bonded.  Deklan loved to feed Easton his bottles – but ran for cover when it was diaper-change time. I can’t say I blame him!
Even now, at ages 6 and 3.5, while they do annoy each other like typical brothers, they still look after each other. Whenever E gets in trouble and makes a fuss about it, Dek loves to tell us that the best way to get E to stop crying is to just give him a hug.
*Sigh* Okay. Enough reminiscing. For now.
Here are my babies, in all their glory. Throwing back to July of 2010.

TBTDudersBlogAre your kids close with their siblings?

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Throwback – Waiting for Deklan

Like most of these TBT posts, this feels like just yesterday. But in actuality, this was taken on New Years Day, 2008.  One day before my due-date with Deklan.  He didn’t arrive until 7 days later… clearly not as impatient as his Mummy. Impatient or not though, I had such a great pregnancy.
Sheesh – just look at the size of that baby-belly!


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