Throwback – Learning to Skate

My oldest Duder has been enamored by hockey since before he could walk, talk, or even hold his bottle on his own.  At 3 months old, long before he should’ve been able to “pay attention”, he’s been obsessed with the sport.  As a colicky newborn, his hours and hours of daily crying would briefly cease if there was a hockey game on TV. Luckily, Mister and I both enjoy hockey… but I don’t think either of us could have ever anticipated watching anywhere near as much of it is as we have since Deklan was born.

Now, he’s a whopping six years old.  He started Kindergarten in September, but more exciting for him, was the fact that he’s now old enough to play hockey. REAL hockey – not just skating lessons.  The “Juan de Fuca Grizzlies, Initiation Team 2” to be exact.  They started practicing back in September, and had their first game during a tournament at the end of December.  This past weekend, at only his 2nd game since that tournament, our hockey loving little boy scored his first goal. And then his second goal!  I don’t think I’ve ever been as proud of him as I was at that moment.  Seeing the enormous smile hiding behind the cage of his helmet made me want to burst!  For a boy who’s loved hockey for his entire life (almost literally!), seeing him out on ice with his teammates, so happy, was pure joy. Mister and I couldn’t stop talking about it – the whole way home from the arena!

I haven’t taken my camera to the rink so far this year, but I vow to before the end of the hockey season (maybe even this weekend)!
But since it’s Throwback Thursday, I’m going to share some pictures from Deklan’s first few times on skates.  So little and cute… and such ambition!


Do your kiddos have a life-long obsession?

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Throwback – Baby Kadyn

Holy moly… we’re going all the way back to 2003 for this one!  It’s Kadyn Nikole, my Little Sunshine, as a wee bebe!!
This sweet little girl was the first to melt my heart and call me “Auntie”.  I’m so proud to have been involved in so much of her early life… Damn, looking at this makes me feel old!


What were you doing in 2003?

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Throwback – Pumpkin Patch

If you’re on Twitter or Instagram, you’ve likely seen the hashtag #TBT.  A few years ago, I used to do “Flashback Friday” posts on my blog, but I figured it was time to follow in the steps of the cool-kids, and go with Throwback Thursday now instead!

Here’s my first TBT post… it’s from Fall of 2010.  We took both Duders to the pumpkin patch with their Uncle & Auntie.  And one of them (I totally can’t remember which one… I still have Mummy-brain, even years later!) took this family photo for us.  I can’t believe how little the boys look – this really wasn’t that long ago, but it feels like a lifetime. 

I love my happy little family!!

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