iheartfaces – Oh So Silly

“Oh so Silly” is the theme at iheartfaces this week. My little brother is the silliest person I know, and this engagement portrait of him and his wife is one of my favourite “Silly” photos. The two of them got … Continue reading

iheartfaces – Family Fun

I set a goal for myself to enter these contests every week, and I’ve almost failed already! Good grief. ┬áMummyhood to TWO little duders, Wifey to Mister, plus a full-time day job, really doesn’t leave much time for much else. … Continue reading

iheartfaces – Silly Holiday Photos

Despite the cold/flu that has overtaken my house these past few weeks, I’m determined to get back into blogging. At least more than I have been the last few months. I figured that one of the best ways for me … Continue reading