Growth Chart Rulers – Now available for order/purchase!

My uber-talented Mister made me a growth chart ruler for Mother’s Day a few years back.  Since then, he’s had numerous inquiries and requests so we’ve decided to make them more available.

There’s a new page on the website where you can ask questions, and/or order your own custom ruler.

While we don’t currently offer shipping, local pick-up is available in the Victoria area!


The Ruler

As I mentioned here, I’m a bit obsessed with Pinterest.  One could call me a Pinterestaholic and they wouldn’t be far from the truth.

When Mother’s Day rolled around, I dropped more than my fair share of hints as to what I’d really like for a present.
Lucky for me, Mister is a handy guy, and he obliged my nagging.  Armed with a piece of lumber and a number of tools (including custom brands for the numbers) he worked away over a couple of afternoons, and made me this awesome gift.

Behold, the giant Ruler!
(originally spotted here on Pinterest)

Now, instead of just a piece of moulding, we have a pretty awesome (moveable) ruler to record the heights of our boys as they grow up!

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