photoadayaug – 20th through 31st

Yet again, I’ve fallen behind in posting.
But I DID complete photoadayaug, so I wanted to share the rest of the pictures.
Please excuse their lateness!

20) Today

21) Cool

22) Home

23) Pair

24) Path

25) Fresh

26) Dream

27) Tap

28) Clock

29) Down

30) Card

31) Hidden

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photoadayaug – 13th through 19th

I still haven’t decided if I’m going to participate in next month’s challenge, but I’m enjoying this one so far.
It’s time for photoadayaug’s week#3 pics!

13) Simple

14) Arrow


15) Ready (to rock and roll)


16) (Junk) Food


17) Faces


18) Inside


19) Hole


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photoadayaug – 6th through 12th

We’re almost half way through the month, and I haven’t given up yet. Nice!
This post might be a day later that I intended, but at least it’s here.
photoadayaug’s week#2 pics!

6) Writing

7) 8 o’clock

8) Glasses

9) Messy

10) Ring

11) Purple

12) Spoon

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photoadayaug – 1st through 5th

It’s time for the first post of photoadayaug pics!
I’m going to try to post these weekly… but I’m not making any promises ;)
Here we go…

1) Outside

2) One

3) Coin

4) Somewhere I sat

5) Logo


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Back in December, through the internet grapevine, I heard about a blogger called FatMumSlim.  She had posted a list of photo-a-day suggestions on her blog, and the idea was so popular, that she ended up continuing the following month with a new list… and here was are today.

It didn’t take long for me to decide to partake in the challenge.
I did photoadayjan and photoadayfeb before I took a break.
But it’s been a few months, and I kind of miss it.  So, bring on photoadayaug!

And because it’s about darn time that I really bring this poor blog back to life, I’ve decided to I’ll post them all here.
I’ll show a few pictures at a time, and you can expect the first post in a day or two.

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