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Three weeks in, and I’m still hanging on!
I WILL complete an ENTIRE month of #fmsphotoaday prompts (via Fat Mum Slim)!
Now the question remains: challenge myself to another month? Or try a different set of lists? Maybe Clickin Moms #cmglimpse? Hmmm… Decisions, Decisions.

15. Remember

16. I don’t like

17. Key

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Key. #fmsphotoaday

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18. Person

19. Even

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Even #fmsphotoaday

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20. Beginning

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The beginning of my favorite book. #fmsphotoaday

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21. Fave Word

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Flashback Friday – Tadpole & Baba

A quick snapshot of Baba & his Mama, and Tadpole (who’s clearly filling his diaper in this photo) & his Mummy. Can you believe Baba will be TWO on Saturday? And he’s already a big brother!! Such a happy little growing family :)

Flashback Friday – Tadpole & Mummy

My pregancy with Tadpole was a dream… I felt healthier and happier than ever before.

This pregnancy, with Noodle… is pretty much the opposite.
I bitch and complain A LOT – and poor Mister has been a trouper putting up with me.  On days when I feel like I do today, all I have to do is look at my Tadpole, or at pictures of him, and know that it’s all worth it in the end.
Here’s a snapshot from Tadpole’s first summer – it makes me smile even though I feel like… i don’t really need to say it… you get the idea :)

Xmas Tree Hunt, 2009

On the 3rd Sunday in November, we trouped up to Grumpy & Granny’s for breakfast, and our annual Xmas tree hunt.  The weather had been horrible since returning from Mexico, but it held out the entire time we were up island.  Tadpole was a bit unsure at first, wandering around through all of the trees, but he liked it soon enough, despite falling down more times than I care to count… but I guess that’s bound to happen when your gum boots come up past your little knees.

I didn’t have my camera with me, so these are courtesy of Grumpy and Granny…

Mummy & Tadpole

Every so often, Mister will pick up my camera and snap a few shots of the Tadpole and me.  When I downloaded my memory card after we got home from the Lagoon a while ago, I was so excited to see these images….


…and of course there were a fair share of Mister and Tadpole too.  Here are just a couple:

i♥faces – week 28

It’s FEET week at ifaces! Hooray! I’m excited to get to show off my blog header (which is my favorite picture of feet… except that I didn’t take it. I set it all up, but Mister gets credit for the actual capture since) and my contest entry below. It’s my Tadpole and his Mummy… on the slide at the park, in our matching Cons. Tadpole’s had a few pairs of All-Stars, and they’ve all been different, so I’m happy to have this shot of our matching shoes.

Head over to the ifaces website and check out the rest of the entries in Feet Week.

Flashback Friday | Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I turn old. As old as Mister! Today I turn 31 for the first time (I say this because I have a feeling that this will be the age I want to stay at for awhile. My Mom’s been 29 since she turned 29! I’m happy to stick at 31 for now). And I’m okay with that! Turning 30 was fantastic, and I have high hopes for 31. Any way I look at it, it can’t be as bad as 25 was. Phew!

Getting engaged the day before my 27th birthday was pretty freekin incredible. Buying a house on my 28th, and announcing my pregnancy on my 29th were nothing to sneeze at, but now that my life is following the path that I’d always hoped for, I really couldn’t be happier!

Today’s birthday flashback is from last year. My 1st bday as a Mummy! Mister snapped both of these. Me with my little Tadpole, and one of our happy little family.

Mummy loves Tadpole!

On Mother’s Day a few weeks ago, I asked Mister to take some pictures of the Tadpole and me. I set-up the camera for him, and he snapped away like mad. These are two of my favorites. I’m stoked to finally have a few current pic’s with my boy :)