Waiting for Little Root

I was so thrilled for these two when I found out that their Little Root was on the way! I just knew that Danielle would be a glowing Mommy-to-be, and that Chris would be a doting Daddy-to-be… and what can I say, I was right!

We met at their home in Sidney for some relaxed portraits, and then headed to the Roundhouse in Esquimalt (where we’d done some of their engagement portraits a few years ago) to finish of the session. And we had to get their dog Max in on some of the photos too – he’s cool as a cucumber in front of the camera.

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Waiting for “Squirt”

Waaaay back in the day, when my Mom was pregnant with me,  she and my Dad called me “Oscar” before I was born.  A year and a half later, my brother was “Beatrice” while he was in my Mom’s tummy.
So it came as no surprise, that when I was expecting, Mister and I had nicknames for my belly(s) too.  Deklan was “Slapshot” and Easton was “Noodle”.

These two parents though, are not huge fans of nicknames. So it was less of a given that their impending arrival would be given a moniker – but she was: Squirt.  And as a matter of fact, even after being born, she’s kept her nickname.  (Don’t tell her Mommy & Daddy – but her Auntie and Uncle will likely end up giving her a nickname of their  own soon too though – it seems almost inevitable that she gets a name to go with her cousins, Tadpole & Worm)

Just hours before heading to the hospital for their induction (just the 1st of many before the babe decided SHE was ready), we met on the beach in Sooke for an impromptu maternity session.
Here are a couple of my favourite images from the 15minutes we spent with my camera.




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iheartfaces – Pet Faces

This challenge theme has popped up before, and I had the same trouble then that I have now… we don’t have any pets. Lucky for me, this summer I photographed some awesome dogs with their “Mom” and “Dad” and future baby “sister”.

Look how pretty they’re posing for me… what good puppies :)
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Maternity Portrait Photographer, Victoria BC

I could not have been more excited when Leanne booked me to do some family maternity portraits. I’ve known her for years now, and I can’t help but smile just thinking about how happy it makes me to see her as a wife and Mommy.

Baby #2 was due on Remembrance day, but as of last night (when I last heard from Leanne), Poet has yet to come meet us. They’re in the hospital, ready & waiting, so I’m hoping that this post will be the little boost that baby needs :)

We started the session off in their living room, and then did some outside photos at Coast Collective – which was very fitting, since it’s also where Chad & Leanne had their wedding portraits taken.

There are far too many great images for me to choose favorites. I kind of had to close my eyes and pick a few, because there was no way I could decide otherwise.

Leanne, you are one hot Mommy… I can’t wait to meet your new little baby!! He or She will be a perfect addition to the happy family you and Chad have created. xo

Maternity Portrait Photograher, Victoria BC

I still can’t quite believe that I’ve already got these ready to share… this is the quickest I’ve ever completed proofing a session!

But Cynthia is due really soon and since baby **** could arrive any day, I crossed my fingers that I could get their images to them first.

I shared a sneak-peek on the blog last week, and now that Cynthia & Matt have the rest of their images, I get to share a few more of my favorites…

(I usually prefer b&w images, but there’s just something about the color of this one)

(The dogs – seriously, look how cute and well-behaved they are)

(Cynthia brought this book along… it was a gift from her Mom for their baby girl)

(As usual, saving my favorite for last. One of the best things about evening sessions is the potential for silhouettes)

Cynthia & Matt – it was so great meeting you and spending a few hours together. Congrats again and I’m SOOOOO looking forward to meeting your new little doll!!!

Maternity Portrait Photograher, Victoria BC

It’s been a very busy week in the Dey house, with a cranky toddler who’s all about testing the boundries, and a fussy newborn who’s still adjusting to life “on the outside”. So I haven’t had much time to process this shoot – but I wanted to tide them over until the rest of their images are ready for viewing…

…Earlier this week, I met up with Cynthia & Matt, to make some portrait magic. Cynthia hasn’t had the most pleasant pregnancy, suffering from most of the crummy side-effects of pregnancy, but her and Matt couldn’t be more excited to welcome their new baby girl in a few weeks and they wanted some photos to reflect this time in their lives.

They brought their first babies, their dogs, to take part in the session. I gotta say, these were two of the most well-behaved dogs I’ve ever seen! They even posed for me – too cute!

Enough words… on to the images :)
Cynthia & Matt, I hope you like your very short & sweet sneek-peek… plenty more to come. Hopefully soon!

Maternity Photos

Grumpy and Granny came over for a visit on Sunday afternoon and Grumpy took some Maternity pictures of our happy little family. I finished up the editing last night, so now I get to share :)

I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites, so this post might be a little bit long…

Noodle vs Slapshot

We’re getting down to the wire now… just 3.5 weeks till my due date – and as far as I’m concerned, Noodle can’t come join us soon enough.

On the 1st of the month, Mister took a belly snapshot. Here it is, compared to my belly snapshot from when I was pregnant with Slapshot.

Maternity Leave

Today is my last day of work before starting Maternity/Parental leave. A few weeks ago, one of my co-workers left this on my desk for me and I’ve been waiting for today to post it… it’s just perfect!

Flashback Friday – Maternity Photos

It’s getting to be that time again… almost time to take maternity photos of our growing family. A friend was asking about “Slapshot”‘s photos the other day and I realised that I’d never posted them here on the blog. What better day than a Flashback Friday? Here are a few of my favorites – all taken by Grumpy back in November of 2007.