Friday Favorite – Tub portraits

I’d be hard pressed to tell you my single favorite portrait of each of the Duders, but these are in my top 10.  They currently hang, framed in our bathroom.  These images are taken about a year apart, in the bathtub in our first house.
I can’t get over how different both of these boys are… but they’re both all eyes! Huge and expressive, with gorgeous long, dark lashes: Dek’s are a light hazel, and E’s are deep brown.  I could stare into them for hours – but that would be a little crazy and the Duders wouldn’t hesitate to tell me so.DudersBlog

Are you able to pinpoint your favorite image of your kiddos?

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Granny & Grumpy’s Grandkids

Since the day the youngest was born, Grumpy has been saying that he wants a portrait of all of the grandkids together.  So naturally, we all got together, behind Granny & Grumpy’s backs, and made some portraits for them as a Christmas surprise.

It was easier said than done, that’s for sure. Deklan, Easton, Sophie & Braylie all decided to cooperate (or not cooperate) at different times. It took a whole lot of tries, and a WHOLE LOT of patience… but we succeeded.  Hooray!

Here they are, in all their cuteness: Grumpy & Granny’s Grandkids, 2013.



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Merry Christmas! 2013

It’s my niece, Braylie’s, first Christmas this year, and I did her first Christmas portraits a little while ago. I just had to get some of her with her cousins.  My Duders love their baby cousin, and I love watching them all interact, it’s just so cute.

From my family (and extended family) to yours… Merry Christmas blogland!!


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