I [heart] Instagram

We’re almost half way through October, and I’m proud to say that so far this month, every single #fmsphotoaday post was shot/edited solely with my iPhone! View this post on Instagram 1. a is for… #fmsphotoaday #littlemomentsapp A post shared … Continue reading

I [heart] Instagram

My uber-talented friend Mandy made me this fantabulous wristlet. It’s SO me, and I couldn’t be happier with it!  Check out her etsy shop and pick up a little something for yourself. Go ahead… you deserve it – You know … Continue reading

I [heart] Instagram

Holy Moly – I’ve been a bad blogger! It’s amazing how quickly life just gets away from you. In any case, while I have been absent from the blog, I haven’t been absent from Twitter or Instagram. Here are some … Continue reading

I [heart] Instagram

I often take little breaks from Instagram… but they never last long. Something about it always pulls me back in.
Here’s a small compilation of some of my recent posts.

Much to his Mummy’s dismay, Dek REALLY wanted to play goal.  And boy-oh-boy… he LOVED it.

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It was inevitable… He wants to play goal.

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Early on a Sunday morning, when Dek’s on the ice and E is content to sit quietly beside me, I usually get the urge to pull out my iPhone camera.  Such was the case on this occasion, when I photographed the seats in front of us at the rink

This little boy sure had me smitten!! My first preemie – and he knocked his session outta the park!

Life at my day job

Have I mentioned lately that I’m a book nerd?

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Tells a story #iheartfaces

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This week was St. Patrick’s Day. Erin go Bragh!

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Today's weather is warm, dry, and GREEN! #eringobragh

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Are you an Instagrammer? If so, please feel free to leave your user name in the comments (or reach out via Facebook or Twitter) so that I can check out your feed.

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Throwback – Learning to Skate

My oldest Duder has been enamored by hockey since before he could walk, talk, or even hold his bottle on his own.  At 3 months old, long before he should’ve been able to “pay attention”, he’s been obsessed with the sport.  As a colicky newborn, his hours and hours of daily crying would briefly cease if there was a hockey game on TV. Luckily, Mister and I both enjoy hockey… but I don’t think either of us could have ever anticipated watching anywhere near as much of it is as we have since Deklan was born.

Now, he’s a whopping six years old.  He started Kindergarten in September, but more exciting for him, was the fact that he’s now old enough to play hockey. REAL hockey – not just skating lessons.  The “Juan de Fuca Grizzlies, Initiation Team 2” to be exact.  They started practicing back in September, and had their first game during a tournament at the end of December.  This past weekend, at only his 2nd game since that tournament, our hockey loving little boy scored his first goal. And then his second goal!  I don’t think I’ve ever been as proud of him as I was at that moment.  Seeing the enormous smile hiding behind the cage of his helmet made me want to burst!  For a boy who’s loved hockey for his entire life (almost literally!), seeing him out on ice with his teammates, so happy, was pure joy. Mister and I couldn’t stop talking about it – the whole way home from the arena!

I haven’t taken my camera to the rink so far this year, but I vow to before the end of the hockey season (maybe even this weekend)!
But since it’s Throwback Thursday, I’m going to share some pictures from Deklan’s first few times on skates.  So little and cute… and such ambition!


Do your kiddos have a life-long obsession?

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Elf on the Shelf – Year 3, Day 13

If he wasn’t before, he’s now officially a member of the Dey (holiday) family!  Ruettiger was playing hockey this morning! And he was a goalie, at that. Good grief. Better him than one of the Duders ;)
The boys were beyond excited to see him in net, saving a gumball puck from Crosby & Kane.


Go right ahead and PIN this idea for your Elf on the Shelf!

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Instagram – June/July

Here are some random Instagram posts from July/August.  I don’t find time to photograph (or even just instagram) as often as I’d like these days, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still love it!

1) A Twitter mini-cupcake (from Ooh La La) at Social Media Camp 2012
2) Carolyns Irish Cream over star-shaped coffee ice cubes. (Thanks to Pinterest for the inspiration)
3-4) Lilies from my front yard

1) Dek, playing Simon Says with his hockey Coach
2) Dek, giving Coach a push across the ice
3) This is the face of a happy boy who worked HARD in practice!
4) Mister’s Father’s Day present from the boys
5) Reading on Father’s Day morning
6) If we’re outside in the yard, this is where you’ll find Worm 9 times out of 10
7) Sleepy boy
8) Trying on Mummy’s glasses
9) Beautiful flowers (from Verbena) at a wedding

And last but not least, my favorite Instagram post from June/July… it’s my Duders on Canada Day!


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Li’l Puckers

Our oldest Duder has been enamored with hockey from a VERY early age.  At about three months old, even during his most colicky stages, he would sit, quietly & attentively, whenever there was a hockey game on TV. For his … Continue reading

Tadpole vs Worm – The Stanley Cup!

We’re a family of hockey fans, as a large number of Canadians are. And we all cheer for different teams for different reasons – that’s something that we’re very proud of. When we brought Worm home from the hospital last … Continue reading


It’s that time of year again… But likely not the time of year that you’re thinking – especially as we’re looking at the window at snow this morning.

The time I’m talking about, is good ol’ Movember. When men all across the country, grow (or attempt to grow) some of the most fantastical, dirty, greasy moustachios you’ve ever seen. What a fun and hilarious way to raise money and awareness for a great charity: Prostate Cancer Canada.

While trolling the web yesterday, I noticed that the team I was making my donation to, didn’t have any photos posted – and I was their first donation. No good at all… they have potential to rake in some decent coin, so I volunteered my services and headed down to the Bear Mtn Arena last night for some quick pre-game headshots of the Cowichan Capitals Team.

If you haven’t already, please PLEASE consider donating to this incredible cause. If you’d like to donate to the Capitals Movember team, here’s the link (the pictures haven’t been updated yet, which is why I’ve posted them here for all to see). If there’s another team you’d prefer to donate to, that’s great too… it all goes to the same place, and that’s all that really matters.

But seriously though, you should donate via the Caps! :)
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