Friday Favorite – Tulips

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s day last week!
We had a fun day at our house… Deklan wrote out all of his own Valentines for his kindergarten classmates, and he wore his team Canada jersey for Red & White day at school – he was thrilled to get to show it off to his teacher and his class. He’s so patriotic already – I’m such a proud Mummy.

I got to spend my afternoon with a beautiful newborn baby boy. He was 5 days old, and had the most perfect skin I’ve ever seen on a wee babe.  Over the last week (and for the next week or so, too) I’ve been working on his images in my down time.  His parents have seen a quick sneak peek, but they prefer that his portraits aren’t shared on social media, so I’m afraid you’re out of luck. You’ll have to use your imagination – I know you can do it! :)

After our session was done, I picked Dek up from school and we went grocery shopping for dinner ingredients… I made Mister a special Valentine’s dinner: Buffalo Chicken Poutine. YUMMO (although not at all photogenic)!

For today’s favorite though, here’s an image of my Valentine’s gift from Mister.  He knows me so well… a giant mason jar/vase with tulips! *sigh*


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Macro Monday – Lonely blossom

It’s no secret that the weather is getting colder by the day.  I took my camera and macro lens for a stroll around the yard today, and this photo seemed to be the most telling sign that winter is nearing… one last lonely blossom on the hydrangea bush beside our front stoop.
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Friday Favorites – Tulip

My list of favorite things is ever-growing. From Deklan’s freckles, to Easton’s brown eyes, to Braylie’s cheeks… to a glass of cupcake wine or a bottle of Winter Ale (which my awesome hubby brought home tonight!), it seems to be never-ending. I need a personal project of some kind, so why not go with “favorite things”?

The photo I’m sharing today is one of the first ones I took, back when I was still teaching myself about photography. It remains one of the ones I’m most proud of. It’s displayed in our dining room, on a 20×30 canvas for all to see.  And it features a red tulip – my favorite flower.


What’s your Favorite Thing?!

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Black Tulips

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