Deklan is SIX!

My oldest Duder turned SIX years old today. SIX. Wow.
Oh my baby boy… My baby boy who I’m not allowed to call a baby any more because “Mummy… that’s an embarrassing nickname!”
He still knows how to melt my heart and wrap me around his little finger. He still beats me at lightsabering, even though I kick his butt at Nerf wars. We still read and snuggle together every night. And he still lets me hug & smooch him. *sigh* I’m enjoying ALL of it while it lasts. Before I know it, he’ll be a teenager!
We usually do a quick birthday portrait session, but it was dark before work/school, and it was dark when we got home, so it’s going to have to wait until the weekend. But that didn’t mean that I could let the day go by without at least a few quick photos of him and the chocolate cupcake that he specifically requested.
Happy 6th Birthday Deklan!




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Granny & Grumpy’s Grandkids

Since the day the youngest was born, Grumpy has been saying that he wants a portrait of all of the grandkids together.  So naturally, we all got together, behind Granny & Grumpy’s backs, and made some portraits for them as a Christmas surprise.

It was easier said than done, that’s for sure. Deklan, Easton, Sophie & Braylie all decided to cooperate (or not cooperate) at different times. It took a whole lot of tries, and a WHOLE LOT of patience… but we succeeded.  Hooray!

Here they are, in all their cuteness: Grumpy & Granny’s Grandkids, 2013.



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Merry Christmas! 2013

It’s my niece, Braylie’s, first Christmas this year, and I did her first Christmas portraits a little while ago. I just had to get some of her with her cousins.  My Duders love their baby cousin, and I love watching them all interact, it’s just so cute.

From my family (and extended family) to yours… Merry Christmas blogland!!


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Throwback – Pumpkin Patch

If you’re on Twitter or Instagram, you’ve likely seen the hashtag #TBT.  A few years ago, I used to do “Flashback Friday” posts on my blog, but I figured it was time to follow in the steps of the cool-kids, and go with Throwback Thursday now instead!

Here’s my first TBT post… it’s from Fall of 2010.  We took both Duders to the pumpkin patch with their Uncle & Auntie.  And one of them (I totally can’t remember which one… I still have Mummy-brain, even years later!) took this family photo for us.  I can’t believe how little the boys look – this really wasn’t that long ago, but it feels like a lifetime. 

I love my happy little family!!

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Abigail at 6 months

It’s no secret that I’m way far behind in blogging… this sweet baby girl is already a year old!

Abbie’s Mommy is Mister’s cousin. Which makes us family-in-law. I think it’s safe to say that good looks run in the family ;)  She behaved so well for these portraits.  At first, she was a little unsure of me and my camera, but when her Mommy stood directly behind me, I caught some of the most adorable smiles!  It wasn’t long before she figured I was a-okay in her books, and she rocked it.
AB6moBlog3 AB6moBlog2

As much as I love a half-naked baby… she’s a doll all dressed up too!
This rocking chair is one of my favorite props! It belonged to me when I was wee, then it was passed on to my cousin, Kylie. And when Deklan was born, she handed it down to him. It has a lot of sentimental value – so using it for family portraits makes it even more special.
My apologies to Ericka for the tardiness on this post… but, my dear blog readers, you can expect quite a few catch-up posts in the coming weeks! 

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Brooklyn (1995-2012)

When she was born, the medical community at BC Children’s Hospital said she’d be lucky if she saw her 2nd birthday.  This past September, she celebrated her Sweet Sixteen. Brooklyn joined our family in 2006, when she moved in with … Continue reading

iheartfaces – Family Fun

I set a goal for myself to enter these contests every week, and I’ve almost failed already! Good grief.  Mummyhood to TWO little duders, Wifey to Mister, plus a full-time day job, really doesn’t leave much time for much else. … Continue reading

iheartfaces – Scenic B & W

We’re sharing our favorite scenic b&w images for this weeks iheartfaces contest. The catch though, is that they still have to have a visible face to be eligible to win.
If you’ve seen the movie X2, then this might look familiar to you – my entry is from last months family session at Hatley Castle, which was used in the filming of the X-Men Sequel.

I love how Little Miss Independent is strolling away from her family, as they all stand in front of the castle, watching her head my way.
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Family Portrait Photographer, Victoria BC


Oh how I love little boys; Specifically, Brothers.
They share such a special relationship and these two were no exception…

Poor poor little duders were squinting into the sun… but they’re still Oh.So.CUTE!

This is one of my favorites from the day…

And this last one is a PERFECT example of just how big brothers can make their little brothers laugh at almost anything!

Family Portrait Photographer, Victoria BC

Yesterday was the sneak-peek, today is the full post :)

My brother introduced me to them, and I’ve known this couple for a few years now. Despite the fact that we used to only live a few minutes apart, this was my first time seeing them since they welcomed Audrey, their 8 month old baby girl.
On Saturday, Colleen, Ben & baby Audrey met me at Royal Roads for some fun family portraits. The forecast called for rain, but despite the clouds, it was warm and sunny!

At first Audrey wasn’t too sure about the crazy lady with the black box stuck to her face, but she warmed up to me and I think we got some good stuff.

Ben & Colleen, it was so great to see you again – I’m thrilled to have finally met your adorable little girl! On with the photos…

These are my two favorites from the day:

LOVE that last one… she got right into the posing… such a little model :)