iheartfaces – Anything but a face

I’ve got so many photos of Tadpole & Worm, but I figured it was about time to show off someone else’s beautiful boy instead. ┬áThis week’s challenge is to highlight anything BUT a face, and I thought this image from … Continue reading

iheartfaces – Scenic B & W

We’re sharing our favorite scenic b&w images for this weeks iheartfaces contest. The catch though, is that they still have to have a visible face to be eligible to win.
If you’ve seen the movie X2, then this might look familiar to you – my entry is from last months family session at Hatley Castle, which was used in the filming of the X-Men Sequel.

I love how Little Miss Independent is strolling away from her family, as they all stand in front of the castle, watching her head my way.
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Family Portrait Photographer, Victoria BC

They’re back!

I love this family. Not only do the Daddy and I go waaaay back (our Mom’s were friends when they were pregnant with us – we were born less than a month apart), and not only was I at the hospital when Sunshine was born SEVEN years ago (I’m still in denial that she could possibly be that old), but they were my first official photography clients last year.
I was really happy to get to see them all for another photo session last weekend.
I caught a break from the rain once again, and we met at Royal Roads in an attempt to get a nice family portrait, one of just the kids, one of the Parents, and one of each kiddo individually. No easy feat, but we pulled it off.

Thanks again guys… Love ya!

Family Portrait Photographer, Victoria BC

It’s Remembrance Day today.
What better day to share some pictures taken at an old Military Academy.

I first met this Mom at Colwood Creek Park a few months ago, while I was doing a family portrait session. She e-mailed me a little while later to schedule a session for her own family.

We headed to Royal Roads few weeks ago, during a brief break in the rainy weather, and captured some images of the good looking gang.

I just love living on Vancouver Island. How many other places are there where you can have your family photographed in front of such a beautiful old castle?

The boys have such expressive eyes!

The colors are so pretty at this time of year.

Family Portrait Photographer, Victoria BC

My best friend, Jolene, has a pretty large family with a lot of cousins.

One of those cousins, Becky, grew up with us in Sooke, moved to Alberta when Jo did, but recently moved back home again. When Becky’s birthday rolled around a little while ago, Jolene decided to give her a gift certificate for a portrait session. Hooray!

A few weeks ago I drove out to the family farm in Sooke and spent some time with Becky & Shane’s adorable kids. The two of them have the most intense blue eyes I’d ever seen. Awesome.
I finally got her proofs to her today, so now I can share a few of my session favorites with everyone else…

Family Portrait Photographer, Victoria BC

The day after Torie & Mike’s wedding, I spent the afternoon in Beacon Hill Park with some of our best friends. It was a bit of a combination of a family session and an engagement session because after seven years and a cutie-pie daugther together, this happy couple is finally tying the knot – and I can’t wait until their wedding next September!

On with the images! Again, liking the black & white better, but posting some colour too because I know that a lot of you like colour as much as I like b&w.

Here’s the whole family…

Look at the huge eyes on her! And I’ve decided that if my Worm is Mister Serious, then she wins the prize for Little Miss Serious.

I love this tree:


And saving my favorites for last… a little collage of play-time on the swings:

Family Portrait Photographer, Victoria BC

A little while ago, I was contacted by the Mom of one of my best-friends from high-school. She had a challenge for me: get a Christmas portrait of all of her grandkids, TOGETHER. No small feat, considering they’re a group of 4 adorably independent kids.

Nicola & Claire, it was great to see you again – and your “babies” are just the cutest!!
Jean – thanks for the vote of confidence :)
I hope you all like your photos!

First up, the two pairs of siblings. Nicola’s two are the oldest:

And here are Claire’s:

Now for the individual portaits. I almost always like b&w better… but I’m struggling a bit when it comes to deciding on these ones, so I’m going to post both.

And last but not least… we did it! We got one of all of the cousins/grandkids, looking oh-so-sweet, and smiling at me… Hooray!

Family Portrait Photographer, Victoria BC


Oh how I love little boys; Specifically, Brothers.
They share such a special relationship and these two were no exception…

Poor poor little duders were squinting into the sun… but they’re still Oh.So.CUTE!

This is one of my favorites from the day…

And this last one is a PERFECT example of just how big brothers can make their little brothers laugh at almost anything!

Family Portrait Photographer, Victoria BC

Our next door neighbors contacted me a while ago and asked if we could do a family portrait session in the park behind our house. Of course, I obliged. How could I resist such a great family and such adorable little boys! I’ll be the first to admit, I have a soft-spot for brothers now that I have 2 boys of my own.

Today we’ll stick with the family images, and I’m going to save tomorrow’s post to be dedicated just to the boys.

Check out this great looking family…

Brad is in the Military, and as Susan explained to me on the day of our session, yellow flowers are a symbol of the Military Wife. They’re also the color that they used for their wedding. Brad has since been deployed, and they’ll have to celebrate their 10th anniversary apart, so it was important for them to use yellow flowers in a few of their photos before he left.

I’m so glad that you’re happy with your images. It was my pleasure!

Family Portrait Photographer, Victoria BC

On September 6th, Cynthia & Matt welcomed baby Lily to the world. Almost 2 weeks later, we met at the same place we did their maternity session, to capture some images of them as a new family.

These are just a few of my favorites…

Stay tuned for the solo images of little Miss Lily that will go up later this week.