Elf on the Shelf – Year 4, Days 3 & 4

Ruettiger is a bit of a snoopy little elf. He couldn’t wait to see what the next beer in the Phillips advent calendar was, so he figured he’d dive in and check it out for himself.

Fun with googly-eyes! Silly Ruettiger put googly-eyes on a wedding portrait of me and Mister, and then decided to join the fun and wear a pair himself too!

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Elf on the Shelf – Year 4, Day 1

For the 4th year running, December 1st brought the arrival of our Dey Family Holiday elf: “Rudy” Ruettiger! Night one he brought advent calendars with him, and left a quick message (using NHL Scrabble Tiles) for the Duders.

His adventures this year will be documented on Instagram, and shared on Pinterest. (Speaking of Pinterest, you can check out Ruettiger’s previous antics by going to his Pinterest board here, or scrolling back through the blog archives.)

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Halloween, 2014

We took advantage of the few minutes of sunshine that Sunday offered, and spent some time Clone-trooper/Commander Cody battling in the gravel pit near our house. (As opposed to Storm-trooper battling. While I have watched the Star Wars movies, I’m … Continue reading

I [heart] Instagram

We’re almost half way through October, and I’m proud to say that so far this month, every single #fmsphotoaday post was shot/edited solely with my iPhone! View this post on Instagram 1. a is for… #fmsphotoaday #littlemomentsapp A post shared … Continue reading

Throwback – Newborn B

Last Easter Sunday, my sweet baby niece got to leave the hospital, and the bunny delivered her to her home.  What a perfect way to celebrate the holiday!
She wasn’t quite ready for her newborn portraits yet, but with an Auntie who loves photography as much as I do, there wasn’t a chance that her homecoming would go undocumented!  Mister and I packed up the boys, and drove over to greet our Little Bee.
I just love these images… they really show just how smitten the Duders are with their baby cousin.

(I have a number of Braylie, by herself, in her Easter basket… but I’m going to save those for another post.)

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Friday Favorite – Tub portraits

I’d be hard pressed to tell you my single favorite portrait of each of the Duders, but these are in my top 10.  They currently hang, framed in our bathroom.  These images are taken about a year apart, in the bathtub in our first house.
I can’t get over how different both of these boys are… but they’re both all eyes! Huge and expressive, with gorgeous long, dark lashes: Dek’s are a light hazel, and E’s are deep brown.  I could stare into them for hours – but that would be a little crazy and the Duders wouldn’t hesitate to tell me so.DudersBlog

Are you able to pinpoint your favorite image of your kiddos?

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Throwback – Baby Deklan in 2008

I didn’t get my first SLR until just after Deklan’s first birthday, so while we did have some family portraits done, most of the pictures from his first year are from my point & shoot.

Today’s Throwback just goes to show that it doesn’t matter what kind of camera you use (SLR, point & shoot, polaroid, cell phone…), as long as you’re using SOMETHING to capture special the moments in your life.  Portraits have a time and a place – but so do snapshots, and they shouldn’t be forgotten or ignored.

This photo is so memorable because Deklan was a colicky baby. He cried. A LOT. Almost every day. For 4-6 hours. For months on end. Sleep was a precious commodity… it was pretty much the only time of day that he wasn’t crying. Being able to look back on this adorable sleeping baby boy reminds me that he was/is perfect. Tears and all. (But he was more perfect when he was sleeping. I’m sure other parents of colicky babies would agree with me!)


Are you remembering to capture your memories? What’s your preferred method?

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Throwback – My Newborn & Big Brother

I had the pleasure of photographing two newborn baby boys with their older siblings last month.  Big sister Isla and baby brother Kade, and big brother Angus with his baby brother Jude.  Seeing them together reminded me so much of when Easton was a baby, and Deklan doted on his baby bro.
My Duders were the first Big-Kiddo-and-New-Baby siblings I’d ever taken a stab at photographing, and this remains one of my favorite portraits of all time.  So what better image to use for this weeks Throwback post?
We couldn’t have asked for a better big brother for our Little Worm.  The Tadpole was thrilled to have a sibling – even though he’d wanted a sister.  Luckily his quick-thinking Uncle fixed the dilemma for us by explaining that “a brother is just a sister who’s a boy”. Wow. I don’t know how he came up with that so fast, but it was EXACTLY the logic needed for Dek’s precocious 2.5yr old brain.
From their very first meeting in the hospital, the Duders bonded.  Deklan loved to feed Easton his bottles – but ran for cover when it was diaper-change time. I can’t say I blame him!
Even now, at ages 6 and 3.5, while they do annoy each other like typical brothers, they still look after each other. Whenever E gets in trouble and makes a fuss about it, Dek loves to tell us that the best way to get E to stop crying is to just give him a hug.
*Sigh* Okay. Enough reminiscing. For now.
Here are my babies, in all their glory. Throwing back to July of 2010.

TBTDudersBlogAre your kids close with their siblings?

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Elf on the Shelf – Year 3, Day 1

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog programming to bring you the Holiday Adventures of “Rudy” Ruettiger!  The Dey family was thrilled with 3rd annual arrival of our holiday elf this morning! He’s back!


And just to keep spirits on high, we went to visit Santa at the mall today. Deklan asked him for a Hummingbird feeder and a pair of track pants. Easton asked for a rubber ducky, a book, and an orange lollipop. How awesome are these Duders?!

Santa 2013

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Father’s Day 2013

Happy Father’s day to all the Dad’s out there – but the tops on my list are of course my Daddy, my father-in-law, and my Mister: the Daddy to my Duders!
We had grand plans this year… a fishing trip and a picnic at the lake – but alas, after celebrating a little too much at last night’s wedding (congrats again Randie & Darren!), we decided to postpone for a few weeks.  Instead, we had a squirt gun fight, shopped for new video games and got Chinese take-out for dinner.

Then like last year, (and like Mother’s Day), I asked the Duders some questions…


Happy Father’s day!!!

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