Elf on the Shelf – Year 4, Days 3 & 4

Ruettiger is a bit of a snoopy little elf. He couldn’t wait to see what the next beer in the Phillips advent calendar was, so he figured he’d dive in and check it out for himself.

Fun with googly-eyes! Silly Ruettiger put googly-eyes on a wedding portrait of me and Mister, and then decided to join the fun and wear a pair himself too!

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I [heart] Instagram

It’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged any Instagram posts, so I thought I’d go back over the past couple of months and share some of my favorites with you now.

A light snowfall on some holly berries at work.

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A light snowfall in #yyj this morning. So pretty!

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My fancy party shoes!  They hurt… but they’re worth it.

I found this little note on the floor while I was walking through the basement one evening. Ah, life as the Mummy of Duders.

Oh this sad face! Would you just look at those crocodile tears!?

Sitting at a the rink (as per usual), I let E use my iPhone to keep him occupied. He snapped this photo of me and I actually don’t hate it!

Mister and I had a liquid lunch on a Duder-free day. Enough said.

This would be the liquid lunch mentioned above! Mmmm… Granville Island Winter Ale!

I super-duper love my new glasses!

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Something I bought. New glasses! #fmsphotoaday

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Enjoying a cup of David’s tea. So what else is new!?

…and what goes better with tea than cookies!?

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