Flashback Friday – Summer

I can’t believe this was only a year ago… it feels like it was forEVER ago!
Tadpole seems to have grown up so much in the past 12 months. He was my baby… and now he’s a Big Brother. Crazy.

This snapshot was taken while he snacked on a Ritz cracker shortly after one of his many fights with the garden hose last Summer.

Flashback Friday – Maternity Photos

It’s getting to be that time again… almost time to take maternity photos of our growing family. A friend was asking about “Slapshot”‘s photos the other day and I realised that I’d never posted them here on the blog. What better day than a Flashback Friday? Here are a few of my favorites – all taken by Grumpy back in November of 2007.

Flashback Friday – First Photo

I was talking with Winnie yesterday and we somehow got on the topic of BRAND newborn babies… and how most of them look sorta like aliens and have a face that only their parents could love. haha. I told her that, of course, when my little Tadpole arrived he was the cutest little thing ever and didn’t look like an alien at all! Which I assume is what most parents say. haha. I told her I’d share his very first photo on my blog as today’s flashback… I’ve converted it to black&white because the purple-alien-skin might be a bit too frigthening for the masses ;)

Ahhh… my shrieking, perfect, purple little Tadpole…. just minutes old… and still just as cute as I remember thru my teary-eyed, blurred vision :)

Flashback Friday

Earlier this week, I found out that our good friends, M&M, are moving “home” to Victoria in a few months. I’m so excited! We’ve missed them so much since they moved to Penticton in 2008. In honor of the good news, here’s a pic of one of the M’s with a month old little Tadpole.

Flashback Friday – Crocodile Tears

Now that the terrible two’s have arrived, we see a face similar to this on an almost daily basis… except lately it’s quickly followed by a spaz. Fun times. I hope we’re nearing the end of it by the time Noodle arrives this summer!

(Don’t you just want to pinch those adorable chubby little cheeks!?)

Flashback Friday – Tadpole & LG

It was LG’s birthday yesterday… his 19th birthday. Seriously? He’s legal? Oh man… I’m gettin too old for this!

In honor of his big day, here’s a flashback to last Halloween… Tadpole as a bat, and LG as Dragonball Z…

Happy Birthday LG!

Flashback Friday – Tadpole & Baba

A quick snapshot of Baba & his Mama, and Tadpole (who’s clearly filling his diaper in this photo) & his Mummy. Can you believe Baba will be TWO on Saturday? And he’s already a big brother!! Such a happy little growing family :)

Flashback Friday

While he sure has grown up and changed a whole lot – the one thing that’s remained the same is that grin….

Flashback Friday – Hanging out with Bubba

I had a day off work on Monday, so I took the Tadpole on a play-date to Duck and Bubba’s house. As I was trying to decide which Flashback image to post today, I ran across this one of Tadpole and Bubba on their first ever camping trip and couldn’t resist sharing it.

Flashback Friday – Mexico 2008

Happy Birthday Papa!

Papa’s away for work right now, so Tadpole can’t sing the Happy Birthday song for him. This flash back will just have to do instead. I love the way they’re grinning at each other… not sure which of them thinks the other is more funny (looking :P )