iheartfaces – Hugs & Kisses

What could be better than Hugs & Kisses for iheartfaces this week?  A perfect excuse to show off my favorite portrait/outtake of these boys ;)   “Like” the page on Facebook! Follow on Twitter! Check out my Pinterest boards!

iheartfaces – Hearts

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, so “hearts” is the theme at iheartfaces this week.  Perfect excuse to try and convince my Duders for an impromptu mini-session.  And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a little bribery ;) I have a nice … Continue reading

iheartfaces – The Letter “L”

The Letter “L” is the theme at iheartfaces this week.  It’s their week off and they’re trying a brand new kind of challenge.  This week, we’re uploading our “L” photos to their Facebook page… but because I’m using their contests … Continue reading

iheartfaces – Oh So Silly

“Oh so Silly” is the theme at iheartfaces this week. My little brother is the silliest person I know, and this engagement portrait of him and his wife is one of my favourite “Silly” photos. The two of them got … Continue reading

iheartfaces – By the Book

This weeks iheartfaces challenge states that we need to use a book as some kind of a prop, but that a face still needs to be clearly showing in our photo. No problemo! While this isn’t a new portrait, it’s … Continue reading

iheartfaces – Family Fun

I set a goal for myself to enter these contests every week, and I’ve almost failed already! Good grief.  Mummyhood to TWO little duders, Wifey to Mister, plus a full-time day job, really doesn’t leave much time for much else. … Continue reading

iheartfaces – Best Face Photo from 2011

If you’re a regular follower of my blog or Facebook page, you’ve seen this photo before.  When I asked Mister which was my best face photo from last year, he didn’t even hesitate to say this one.  I love it … Continue reading

iheartfaces – Silly Holiday Photos

Despite the cold/flu that has overtaken my house these past few weeks, I’m determined to get back into blogging. At least more than I have been the last few months. I figured that one of the best ways for me … Continue reading

iheartfaces – Water

Here in Victoria, we’ve been waiting (rather impatiently) for summer.  And this weekend, it finally arrived!  My boys could not have been happier to be outside, playing in the yard. Perfect timing for this weeks iheartfaces “Water” theme… What could … Continue reading

iheartfaces – Props

I’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus. Life has been busy, and as always, my family takes priority. Between wedding season, my last few weeks at home with my boys before returning to my day-job, my baby boy’s … Continue reading