Wordless Wednesday – Smile


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Before & After – Carter

It can be hard to show clients what their money is paying for, but I was taught that it’s always a good idea to try. The amount of time that they see you at the shoot is just a fraction of what is involved in a professional photographers day.

One of the many things you pay a professional photographer for, is their post-production work.  Call it what you want: editing, massaging, enhancing, retouching, fine-tuning, polishing… It’s just a piece of the total package.

That being said, it’s a pretty important piece. Even an image that’s technically sound, SOOC (straight out of camera) can usually benefit from a little love. Photographers use programs like Lightroom and Photoshop to help make a great image GREATER. It’s also the opportunity to use artistic preference and help their images stand out from the crowd.

This is one of my favorite recent portraits.  Carter’s parents are some of my longest-standing clients.  “Legacy” clients!  I had the pleasure of doing their engagement photos before their destination wedding.  A little while later came Maternity photos.  Then Carter’s newborn portraits, his 6month portraits (which have yet to be blogged), and a 1st birthday session!  This “before and after” example was taken on his 1st birthday… it’s got canvas written all over it, don’tcha think?



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Friday Favorite – Tulips

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s day last week!
We had a fun day at our house… Deklan wrote out all of his own Valentines for his kindergarten classmates, and he wore his team Canada jersey for Red & White day at school – he was thrilled to get to show it off to his teacher and his class. He’s so patriotic already – I’m such a proud Mummy.

I got to spend my afternoon with a beautiful newborn baby boy. He was 5 days old, and had the most perfect skin I’ve ever seen on a wee babe.  Over the last week (and for the next week or so, too) I’ve been working on his images in my down time.  His parents have seen a quick sneak peek, but they prefer that his portraits aren’t shared on social media, so I’m afraid you’re out of luck. You’ll have to use your imagination – I know you can do it! :)

After our session was done, I picked Dek up from school and we went grocery shopping for dinner ingredients… I made Mister a special Valentine’s dinner: Buffalo Chicken Poutine. YUMMO (although not at all photogenic)!

For today’s favorite though, here’s an image of my Valentine’s gift from Mister.  He knows me so well… a giant mason jar/vase with tulips! *sigh*


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Wordless Wednesday – Pretty window side-light

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Friday Favorite – Tub portraits

I’d be hard pressed to tell you my single favorite portrait of each of the Duders, but these are in my top 10.  They currently hang, framed in our bathroom.  These images are taken about a year apart, in the bathtub in our first house.
I can’t get over how different both of these boys are… but they’re both all eyes! Huge and expressive, with gorgeous long, dark lashes: Dek’s are a light hazel, and E’s are deep brown.  I could stare into them for hours – but that would be a little crazy and the Duders wouldn’t hesitate to tell me so.DudersBlog

Are you able to pinpoint your favorite image of your kiddos?

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Wordless Wednesday – Kodak 35

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Newborn “Little Root”

You might recognize these new parents from their maternity portraits.
The arrival of their Little Root was eagerly anticipated, not just by them and their loved ones, but by me too! I couldn’t wait to meet the little bundle!
He arrived on Mother’s Day of 2013.  What a sweet treat for his Mama. Not many people can say that they received the gift of Motherhood on their very first Mother’s Day!
I met them at their home about a week later to capture these memories for them.  We focused mainly on portraits of the new addition, but we also included some of the new family, dog-brother and all. Many parents don’t like to be included in their newborn baby’s portraits, and that’s just fine with me (I was the same way with my newborn Duders), but we created some great portraits of this family together – including my favorite face of 2013!


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Friday Favorite – David’s Tea

When I fall in love with something, I tend to fall hard and fast.  That’s pretty much EXACTLY how it went down when a friend/co-worker introduced me to David’s Tea last year. I’m now 100% obsessed. My tea stash has taken over my Mister’s coffee cupboard, and I’ve even turned my littlest Duder into a David’s fanatic!

My favorite flavors of last year were Toasted Marshmallow and Strawberry Shortcake.  Really though, don’t get me started about the Strawberry Shortcake… seriously TO DIE FOR. I wish they’d bring it back!!

This year, my favorites are:
Red Velvet Cake (flavored black tea),
David’s Organic Breakfast (straight black tea)
Lime Gelato (sencha green tea)
and Easton’s favorite is:
Bear Trap (herbal)

My favorite iced tea is La La Lemon Organic (with a little sweetener, and some added lemon juice).
And if you’re feeling under the weather, you can’t get any non-medicinal drink better than Cold 911. I suggest it to everyone I know who comes down with a cold.

I usually shop at the David’s Tea at Uptown. I HIGHLY recommend it. The staff is always friendly, helpful, and uber knowledgeable. You can buy your loose-leaf tea to bring home and brew yourself, or buy yourself a hot cup of tea or a latte, or an iced tea or tea pop, right there in store.


Are you a coffee/tea addict? What’s your favorite?

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Wordless Wednesday – Brownie Hawkeye


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