I [heart] Instagram

It’s still early in the month, so don’t hold me to it, but I’m going to attempt to complete an entire month of #fmsphotoaday prompts (via Fat Mum Slim).
So far, so good. Despite the fact that I’m a full-time Mummy, I work 4 days a week for the provincial government, I have my ad hoc photography business on the side, and I’m managing social media for the Pacific Coast Hockey Academy (if you’re interested in checking out Vancouver Island’s only high performance hockey academy, or just seeing what I’ve been up to, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!), I’ve managed to complete a full week of prompts! Please feel free to peruse these images while I pat myself on the back!

1. In my Cup

I've got some Red Velvet Cake @davidstea in my cup this morning! #fmsphotoaday

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2. Stripes

Stripes? Don't mind if I do! #fmsphotoaday

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3. Button

My favorite kind of button: the shutter! #fmsphotoaday

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4. DIY

E's first day of preschool! (On a DIY chalk-backdrop!) #fmsphotoaday

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5. Upside down

6. I need…

I need… Hockey! More specifically, a happy, hockey-playing Duder! #fmsphotoaday

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7. Father

Like Father, like son. #fmsphotoaday

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