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It’s been a rough week – attending two memorial services… one for my BFF’s Mom (who was like a 2nd Mother to me – and MANY others), and one for the teenaged son of my husband’s friend.

Linda & Zack both gave cancer a solid fight, and a swift kick in the arse before it claimed their lives.

Amazing photo slideshows were created for both events and even right up until the bitter end, the smiling faces remained. Through it all, that’s the one thing that REALLY stuck with me… the smiles. Linda Kane and Zack Downey touched more lives than they’ll ever know – and I will always think of each of them with a smile.

So, as I spent some time on Pinterest this weekend, like I do most weekends (and actually, most days in general!) looking at pretty images and reading quotes about photography, I found myself thinking of smiles & happiness.  In the midst of it, this quote jumped out at me.


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