Kade – Newborn photography, Victoria BC

I like to do newborn sessions in my clients homes.  I find that it’s easier on the new parents (and siblings), if they don’t have to leave their comfort zone, or even get out of their pajammies, if they don’t want to.  I troop in all of my blankets and gear, often looking like I’m planning on staying for a week!  My last client joked that he thought I was moving in :)
As long as there’s a window with ample light, I can shoot in some pretty tight spaces.  I’ve been known to be found sitting on the floor holed up in a spare back-bedroom, behind a couch beside a sliding door, in the dining room, and even tucked in a corner beside the TV console.  Makes no difference to me… as long as bebe is comfy, I can work just fine!

This perfect little boy belongs to some very good friends of ours.  Their daughter was born just a few weeks before E, and now they’ve added a son to the mix.  I had the pleasure of spending some time with them at their home, about a week after he arrived.  We started off with some portraits of him and his big sister, then she moved on to have a snack and play princess, while I worked on Kade’s solo photos. He slept his way through the session like a champ.
(The little gallery below includes three of my favorite props, that I bring with me to each session.)

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