I spent most of the Family Day long weekend at home, sick with a cold. UGH. Not exactly how I was planning on celebrating the day off.  That being said, we got to hang out together, as a family nonetheless. There was a little bit of snow falling on Sunday afternoon, which the boys loved! It didn’t stick, but that didn’t stop Mister from dressing the boys in their snow pants and taking them outside for some “Winter Classic” driveway hockey.
Mister works for the Federal government, so he doesn’t get Family day off (because it’s a Provincial holiday), but he booked a vacation day, so he was able to spend the day with us too.  We all watched the Olympics and drank tea, and went out for lunch.
I should’ve had my camera out… and as a matter of fact, I did pack it up and take it to Deklan’s hockey practice on Sunday morning, but I was feeling too crummy to even pull it out of my bag and take some photos.
And I didn’t realize until this morning that I totally spaced on my Macro monday post too. Good grief… this cold has me totally out of sorts!
I was hoping that I’d be able to catch some snowflakes over the weekend to share yesterday – but they weren’t cooperating in the slightest. They fell so lightly in the daylight… and didn’t start to stick to anything until the sun went down. Figures!  I guess these frosty macros will just have to tide me over.



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