Newborn “Little Root”

You might recognize these new parents from their maternity portraits.
The arrival of their Little Root was eagerly anticipated, not just by them and their loved ones, but by me too! I couldn’t wait to meet the little bundle!
He arrived on Mother’s Day of 2013.  What a sweet treat for his Mama. Not many people can say that they received the gift of Motherhood on their very first Mother’s Day!
I met them at their home about a week later to capture these memories for them.  We focused mainly on portraits of the new addition, but we also included some of the new family, dog-brother and all. Many parents don’t like to be included in their newborn baby’s portraits, and that’s just fine with me (I was the same way with my newborn Duders), but we created some great portraits of this family together – including my favorite face of 2013!


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