Throwback – Mr. Serious

This really has nothing to do with today’s post, but I can’t resist sharing…
…I got an email yesterday from a nice lady named Candace.
Candace is the #YMCCommunity manager at Yummy Mummy Club.
A few weeks ago, I applied to join the community, and yesterday Candace sent me my acceptance email. Hip Hip Hooray!
Here’s where you can find my page, and the pages of the rest of the#YMCCommunity:

Okay… enough shop-talk… on to the blog post!
Today’s throwback is all about Easton. My little Mr. Serious.
Since it’s Deklan’s birthday month, there’s been a lot of focus on him lately, so I figured it was E’s turn to star in a post.
This sweet little boy of mine is silly, and funny, and crazy in all the right ways. But if you’re a new person in his world – forget about it! There’s no chance that he’s making friends with you, smiling at you, or even just giving you the time of day.
Looking back at photos of him over his 3.5yrs, you’d never know he was anything but serious & stubborn. Speaking of which, I’ll take credit for the Shields’ impatience in the boys – but the stubborn streak in my Duders is ALL Dey – even if they’re too stubborn to admit it ;)

His very first portrait. It’s been featured on my blog before, but it fits too well to skip it in this post. The little Worm with his namesakes.


This is Easton’s first Halloween. Such a serious little Lion Man! (and yes, I still think of him every time I hear the Mumford & Sons song)


Easton’s 1st Christmas portrait. I didn’t realize until I was editing it, that he’s actually flipping me the bird. Clearly, he’s UBER impressed to be in front of my camera again.


Playing on the swings at the park. Most kids either love, or hate the swings. His feeling was clearly: Meh.
And just hanging out in Mummy & Daddy’s bed. Serious as always.

TBTEBlog3I have so many more images that are along these same lines. But rather than inundate you with them now, I’m going to save them for a future blog post – now there’s thinking ahead!

I’d love to know what kind of kiddo(s) you have… happy? Serious? Cranky? Silly?

Happy Thursday!

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