Throwback – Baby Deklan in 2008

I didn’t get my first SLR until just after Deklan’s first birthday, so while we did have some family portraits done, most of the pictures from his first year are from my point & shoot.

Today’s Throwback just goes to show that it doesn’t matter what kind of camera you use (SLR, point & shoot, polaroid, cell phone…), as long as you’re using SOMETHING to capture special the moments in your life.  Portraits have a time and a place – but so do snapshots, and they shouldn’t be forgotten or ignored.

This photo is so memorable because Deklan was a colicky baby. He cried. A LOT. Almost every day. For 4-6 hours. For months on end. Sleep was a precious commodity… it was pretty much the only time of day that he wasn’t crying. Being able to look back on this adorable sleeping baby boy reminds me that he was/is perfect. Tears and all. (But he was more perfect when he was sleeping. I’m sure other parents of colicky babies would agree with me!)


Are you remembering to capture your memories? What’s your preferred method?

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