Throwback – My Newborn & Big Brother

I had the pleasure of photographing two newborn baby boys with their older siblings last month.  Big sister Isla and baby brother Kade, and big brother Angus with his baby brother Jude.  Seeing them together reminded me so much of when Easton was a baby, and Deklan doted on his baby bro.
My Duders were the first Big-Kiddo-and-New-Baby siblings I’d ever taken a stab at photographing, and this remains one of my favorite portraits of all time.  So what better image to use for this weeks Throwback post?
We couldn’t have asked for a better big brother for our Little Worm.  The Tadpole was thrilled to have a sibling – even though he’d wanted a sister.  Luckily his quick-thinking Uncle fixed the dilemma for us by explaining that “a brother is just a sister who’s a boy”. Wow. I don’t know how he came up with that so fast, but it was EXACTLY the logic needed for Dek’s precocious 2.5yr old brain.
From their very first meeting in the hospital, the Duders bonded.  Deklan loved to feed Easton his bottles – but ran for cover when it was diaper-change time. I can’t say I blame him!
Even now, at ages 6 and 3.5, while they do annoy each other like typical brothers, they still look after each other. Whenever E gets in trouble and makes a fuss about it, Dek loves to tell us that the best way to get E to stop crying is to just give him a hug.
*Sigh* Okay. Enough reminiscing. For now.
Here are my babies, in all their glory. Throwing back to July of 2010.

TBTDudersBlogAre your kids close with their siblings?

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