Friday Favorite – Tiffany & Co.

I’ve loved Tiffany’s for as long as I can remember. And Breakfast at Tiffany’s has been in my Top 5 favorite movies for as long as I can remember too.
When I went to NYC in 2002, we visited the 5th Avenue Tiffany & Co. store at least three separate times. Without a doubt, my “happy” place.

This necklace was purchased then and there, and gifted to me by my Dad and Judy when they got married. It’s been one of my favorite pieces of jewelry for over a decade now.

I have yet to go back to the NY store, but I’ve visited each of the Tiffany & Co stores in Las Vegas more times than I can count. It makes me smile to just look around at all the pretty things.

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One thought on “Friday Favorite – Tiffany & Co.

  1. Oh how I remember those days in New York at Tiffanys.. I am sure that the clerks thought we were casing the place out..

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