Deklan is SIX!

My oldest Duder turned SIX years old today. SIX. Wow.
Oh my baby boy… My baby boy who I’m not allowed to call a baby any more because “Mummy… that’s an embarrassing nickname!”
He still knows how to melt my heart and wrap me around his little finger. He still beats me at lightsabering, even though I kick his butt at Nerf wars. We still read and snuggle together every night. And he still lets me hug & smooch him. *sigh* I’m enjoying ALL of it while it lasts. Before I know it, he’ll be a teenager!
We usually do a quick birthday portrait session, but it was dark before work/school, and it was dark when we got home, so it’s going to have to wait until the weekend. But that didn’t mean that I could let the day go by without at least a few quick photos of him and the chocolate cupcake that he specifically requested.
Happy 6th Birthday Deklan!




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