Granny & Grumpy’s Grandkids

Since the day the youngest was born, Grumpy has been saying that he wants a portrait of all of the grandkids together.  So naturally, we all got together, behind Granny & Grumpy’s backs, and made some portraits for them as a Christmas surprise.

It was easier said than done, that’s for sure. Deklan, Easton, Sophie & Braylie all decided to cooperate (or not cooperate) at different times. It took a whole lot of tries, and a WHOLE LOT of patience… but we succeeded.  Hooray!

Here they are, in all their cuteness: Grumpy & Granny’s Grandkids, 2013.



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One thought on “Granny & Grumpy’s Grandkids

  1. Grumpy says now he knows what Gramma felt like when she got pictures of you guys at Christmas. You made Granny and Grumpy cry. We will cherish forever as well as you will all cherish the LONG time you all spent getting them. Xoxo

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