Throwback: Cheers

I’ve been thinking about this girlie a lot lately for many reasons. Not the least of which is that her birthday present is still sitting on my kitchen table. Did I mention that her birthday was in October?

Snail mail takes an especially long time when you don’t even get the package to Canada Post! Good grief. I kept telling myself that I had plenty of time, because she and her sis were on a birthday trip to Disneyland.  But I should’ve just done it right away, because instead, it’s almost December, and it sits on my table and taunts me every day. That being said, have I taken the time to pick it up, wrap it in parcel paper, and take it to the Post Office? NOPE. What is wrong with me?! Sheesh, at this point it’s going to be a Merry Birthmas present! Sorry Jo! Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you. I’m just a loser. A loser who loves you, and will, one of these damn days, get that package into the mail system.

So here we are, me feeling like an idiot, and looking at this snapshot of us from almost 10 years ago: 2004 at the Sticky Wickett.

Mmmm… martini’s. I could use one of those right now. Then again, maybe they’re the reason why I haven’t been able to remember to put the stinkin’ present in the stinkin’ mail!

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