I [heart] Instagram

I’ve been using the Clickin’ Mom’s #CMglimpse list as inspiration for my Instagram posts again this week.  One of these days I might change it up, but for now, I like that it gives me a prompt, while still leaving the opportunity open to be creative.
And it looks like embedding the images worked last week (hooray!) so I’ll run with it this week too.

And here are my favorite posts from the week!

Up close: A detail shot of Heather’s beautiful wedding dress detail/bling!

Wedding dress details "up close" #cmglimpse

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Dark:  A sneak peek of this cute, wee little boy on a dark background.

From a low angle: Looking up a tree and the pretty blue sky in Beacon Hill Park.

Pretty trees ("from a low angle") on a clear COLD #yyj day! #cmglimpse

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Black and White: A frosty flower on a chilly Fall morning in Victoria.

This mornings' frost in black & white. #cmglimpse #yyj

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Your Phone Case: I’ve actually had this for longer than I’ve had my phone!
I made custom skins (via WHCC) for Mister and I, and had them at home, just waiting for when we upgraded our phones. I bought each of us a clear-backed Belkin case, so that we could show off our adorable Duders.
(And, yes clients! I do have these available for customization and purchase! Sorry Android/Blackberry users… they’re available for iPhone only)

Thanks to @WHCCpro, My phone case features my two favorite Duders! #cmglimpse

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