I [heart] Instagram

Another week, another Instagram post.  I hate to jinx myself, so knock on wood, but I’m on a roll!

This week’s #CMGlimpse prompts were:
M: relaxing
T: sparkle
W: artificial light
Th: purple
F: laughter
Sa: crunchy
Su: leather

And some of my posts for the week were these:
“Sparkle” – These sparkly ruby slippers were a wedding gift from Mister’s Aunt… almost 8 years ago! My oh my, how time flies. Yet these cute little ornamental shoes still adorn our mantle.


“Artificial Light” – Like most kids, the Duders love to play with things like flashlights and glow sticks. And when Daddy lets them wear his headlamps, they’re even MORE thrilled.  The other day, we turned off all the lights in the “spooky basement” and let them play.


“Purple” – This photo is a WAYlatergram. It’s a few years old, and for some reason, I’ve just never done anything with it. I love the way the sunlight shines through the crocus petals.

“Laughter” – Another waylatergram… it’s a baby Deklan! As cranky/colicky as he was for the first 8+ months of his life, when the Duder was in a good mood, his giggles were contagious.  He got quite a kick out of playing with bubbles on this particular day.


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