Bumble Bee

There’s something special about being an Auntie. It’s a whole different kind of love, and I’m thrilled that my brother and sister-in-law gave me such a perfect little niece to experience it with!
I know I’ve said it before, but this little girl has her Auntie, Uncle and both of her cousins wrapped around her little finger!
Deklan smothers her with hugs as often as he can, and Easton calls her “my B, and your B”.
Uncle takes every opportunity he can to snuggle and make her laugh – and doesn’t even mind when she pukes all over him (like she did last night).

Yesterday was B’s first Halloween. Her Gran made her costume for her, just like my Duders Grandma made theirs.
Does it get any more perfect than a Braylie Bumble Bee!? I think not!!!


Don’tcha just wanna swoop her up in a great big cuddle and kiss those adorably huge cheeks!?
I know I do!  I am one happy Auntie who LOVES her Little Bee!!

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