Easton is Three!

I know that all parents say this, but seriously, where does the time go!?

Today was Easton’s third birthday. And as strange as it is to say, he hasn’t really changed all that much in his three years of life.  Sure, he’s grown up, and learned new things… but he’s still the same serious, sometimes goofy, loving and LOVEABLE little Duder he was when he was born.

Here are some things that you may or may not know about the birthdey boy:
His favourite colour is orange.
For his birthday this year, he asked for an orange hot rod, a Ninja Turtle, and a spoon.
His hero is “Super Hero Deklan”!
When he grows up, he wants to be “Big”!
His favourite sport is football.
His favourite food is “Kraft roni’s”.
If he had one wish, it would be for “3 dollars”.

Happy Birthday my Littlest Duder!! Mummy loves you SEVENTEEN!



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