Instagram – June/July

Here are some random Instagram posts from July/August.  I don’t find time to photograph (or even just instagram) as often as I’d like these days, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still love it!

1) A Twitter mini-cupcake (from Ooh La La) at Social Media Camp 2012
2) Carolyns Irish Cream over star-shaped coffee ice cubes. (Thanks to Pinterest for the inspiration)
3-4) Lilies from my front yard

1) Dek, playing Simon Says with his hockey Coach
2) Dek, giving Coach a push across the ice
3) This is the face of a happy boy who worked HARD in practice!
4) Mister’s Father’s Day present from the boys
5) Reading on Father’s Day morning
6) If we’re outside in the yard, this is where you’ll find Worm 9 times out of 10
7) Sleepy boy
8) Trying on Mummy’s glasses
9) Beautiful flowers (from Verbena) at a wedding

And last but not least, my favorite Instagram post from June/July… it’s my Duders on Canada Day!


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