Instagram – Las Vegas

It’s no secret that I love Instagram, so it comes as no surprise that I had tons of fun using it while we were on our vacation in Las Vegas last month!

Here we go, Top to bottom, Left to right:
1) The Bellagio ceiling
2) Russ and I found Justin Bieber!
3-5) The Neon Boneyard
6) For the first time EVER, someone who didn’t know me, spelled my name correctly!
7) Statue of Liberty at NYNY
8) Best mojito ever at Caesars
9-11) Pool time with Kev, Melissa & Russ at the Tropicana
12) NYNY
13) Old building in Nelson, NV
14) P.F. Changs for my birthday dinner (Thanks Melissa!)
15) Full trunk after a day of shopping
16) Palm tree at the Tropicana

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