Black and White

It’s no secret that I’m partial to black and white imagery.  I don’t know why I prefer it to colour, but somehow I always seem more drawn to black and white.

That being said, I know that not everyone feels the same way so I always shoot in colour, and then create my black & whites in post-processing.  This way, the original colour image is still available for those who’d prefer it.

I wanted to share another Before and After.  This time, instead of colour, like usual, I thought I’d show the benefits of using Photoshop to create a black and white image, rather than just a basic desaturation.

I decided to use this portrait of Deklan, from his 4th birthday. It’s one of my recent favorites.  The “before” is the image with a basic desaturation, and the “after” is the same image, using my black & white photoshop recipe.

Since I’m sharing the older Duder, I should show off his little brother too… An oldie but a goodie of Easton:

And heck, why not share my very favorite image of my boys together!?

I love those last two images so much, that you might’ve noticed them now gracing my new blog header!

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