Li’l Puckers

Our oldest Duder has been enamored with hockey from a VERY early age.  At about three months old, even during his most colicky stages, he would sit, quietly & attentively, whenever there was a hockey game on TV.

For his first Christmas, his uncle gave him his first pair of skates.  He got a hockey helmet for his 1st birthday.  And when he was old enough to talk, on his 2nd Christmas, what did he ask for from Santa? A hockey stick.

In our area, to sign-up for hockey, you have to be 5 years old.  Deklan only just turned 4 in January.
So when Auntie Linds showed us an advertisement for Li’l Puckers (3-5 yr olds, learning to play hockey), Kev and I had a VERY quick conversation, and I immediately called and got Dek registered.

I couldn’t resist bringing my camera along to one of the first sessions.  Those little boys are just SO CUTE!

Li’l Puckers is run out of the Island Centre of Excellence (ICE) in the Western Communities.  If there’s a hockey-lover in your family, you might want to check them out for skills training for all ages/stages.

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  1. Love the touque under the helmet! I started the same with my Buffalo Sabres touque due to a large brain crammed inside a smaller skull ;-) Gilbert Perreault was my favorite player at the age of 5. Best wishes and enjoy the greatest game on ice!!!

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