When I first heard of this thing called Pinterest, I really didn’t understand it.  It seemed to me, like just another way to waste time while sitting in front of the computer (and take it from my husband, I already do enough of that).

In a way, I was right… but it’s OH SO MUCH MORE than that!!

Pinterest is a virtual pin board. It’s a way to keep track of so many things, all in one place: Recipes, household tips, arts & crafts, a wish list, photography ideas… the list goes on and on. And on. And on… you get the idea.

In the months since I’ve joined, I’ve turned into a self-proclaimed Pinterestaholic.  And I’d LOVE it if you’d join me! :)
If you’re interested, here’s the link to my pinboards: adeyinthelife

And as a quick example of some of the fun DIY ideas, here’s one of the first things I made.  A friend of mine pinned the idea (originally found here).  I adapted it a little bit, and I’m thrilled with the way it turned out!

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