Happy Birthdey Grumpy!!

As a I kid, I used to think it was SO COOL that my Daddy’s birthday sometimes happened on Friday the 13th.  I can’t recall anything ever happening on any Friday the 13th, but the stigma of the date had me intriuged.

Now that I’m all grown though, it’s just another day.  Except for when it happens in April:
Happy Birthdey Grumpy!!

I took this photo back in November.  I love it so much, and I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to post it… but what better day than today!?
Grumpy and my little Worm.  Having a “mooch” (because, E has trouble with the S at the front of the word).

My New Years resolution this year was to take more pictures of my own family, and so far I’m not doing so well – but I WILL get better. And I WILL start blogging regularly again! I WILL!!  I WILL!!!!!!!!!

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One thought on “Happy Birthdey Grumpy!!

  1. I love this photo… as much as I love our anuual Christmas Tree Tagging… One day that we all get together… This kind of photo is what makes memories for Grumpy…

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