Brooklyn (1995-2012)

When she was born, the medical community at BC Children’s Hospital said she’d be lucky if she saw her 2nd birthday.  This past September, she celebrated her Sweet Sixteen.

Brooklyn joined our family in 2006, when she moved in with my Mom and Step-Dad (Ma’am and Papa).  She quickly stole their hearts, and effectively wedged her little behind into the lives of everyone she met.

She loved swimming, music, and ice cream cake.
She loved to watch the laundry (yes, that is watch, not wash), and was happiest when she was being a “big helper” – even though most of the time, like most kids, she was far from actually helping.

Brooklyn loved her family. She loved life and she fought hard for it, right up to the very end.  She figuratively flipped the bird to all her doubters, and hung on until Thursday morning, when she decided it was finally time to let go.

Brooklyn taught us a new kind of unconditional love, and because of her, my boys learned the invaluable lesson of acceptance and inclusion, and that deep down, we’re really not all that different.

RIP Brooklyn.  You’ve touched more lives than you’ll ever know, and you’re already missed very much.

I took a few pictures just after Christmas, when Mister and I took the boys over to Children’s Hospital to visit for the day.  We spent a few hours in the play room there, and even though the situation wasn’t ideal, I’m glad the boys got to see her one last time.

And because I feel the need to end this on a less sad note, someone came across this snapshot of Brooklyn, taken when we think she was about 4yrs old – it was when she first learned to walk.  I took a picture of it with my phone because I can’t get over how ADORABLE she is in this photo… I think it’s my favorite.

In lieu of flowers, donations to the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation are gratefully accepted.

3 thoughts on “Brooklyn (1995-2012)

  1. I absolutely love the first photo…the look on Claude’s face is completely priceless. And as I’ve already told you, the bottom pic melts my heart too. Love you guys so much. xox

  2. What great pictures and a lovely tribute! The photos capture the closeness and love between all of you and Brooklyn’s personality is evident in each one! Thank you for sharing and letting us be part of remembering.

  3. I was still in bed this morning when thoughts of your sweet angel came to my mind and what a spunky little fighter she was. Brooklyn always knew what she wanted and she fought for it. We are all very sad by your loss Wendy, Claude and family. Just know that little angel of yours is in a better place without any pain and she will always be watching over all of you. When you feel a ray of sunshine touch your face think of her watching you and feeling happy that she had so much love within your home, within your lifes and within your family and friends. What a joy she brought to all of us! What a journey you all have been through…I cannot imagine. Take Care and we hope to see you this spring or summer.

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