iheartfaces – Silly Holiday Photos

Despite the cold/flu that has overtaken my house these past few weeks, I’m determined to get back into blogging. At least more than I have been the last few months.
I figured that one of the best ways for me to do that, was to start participating in iheartfaces contests again. Being given a weekly assignment is a nice challenge. It’s something to strive for when I don’t have any shoots lined up, or when I just feel lacking in general motivation.

They’ve skipped contest week this week, and instead everyone is just sharing their favorite silly holiday photos.
That, I can handle! :)

Chrismtas Eve Outtake

I like to take a quick snapshot of the duders with Santa’s cookies and irish cream every year.  This year was no small feat. I got pretty much nothing but outtakes.  These boys just crack me up.

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