Ruettiger the elf (Dec15th – Dec19th)

You’d think by now, that Rudy would be running out of new places to hang out, but he surprises us, each and every morning…

Here’s what we found him doing from December 15th – December 19th.

Morning 15: Rudy’s a gamer. We found him sitting in Dek’s Spider-Man chair, with a pop and some chips, playing Playstation.
Morning 16: He had so much fun hanging from the mistletoe, that now he’s decided to hang from the dining room light.
Morning 17: Just in case we forgot, Ruettiger decided to show the boys what to do on Christmas eve… leave cookies and milk for Santa.
Morning 18: What a pest! He’s unrolled the toilet paper onto the bathroom floor, and got himself all tangled up in it.
Morning 19: Peek a boo! Rudy’s playing Hide & Seek, inside the poinsetta.

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