Rudy from Dec10th – Dec14th

This guy sure does keep us on our toes.
Deklan loves to look for him every morning, and he’s always so excited when he spots him.
Even Easton is into it. He has a bit of trouble saying “Ruettiger” (it sounds more like Rue-gig-er) but that makes it even more ADORABLE.

Check out what Rudy was up to from December 10th – December 14th.


Morning 10: He’s a sporty kind of guy, that Ruettiger.  But he doesn’t appear to be the most coordinated elf in the world. He got stuck in the basketball hoop!
Morning 11: We’re not really sure if he’s golfing with Tiger Woods, or caddying for him. But the boys loved the marshmallow golf balls.
Morning 12: Just hanging around on the mistletoe. I think he’s waiting for a smooch of his own – but we don’t want to touch him and make him lose his magic.
Morning 13: Looks like Rudy was excited about the fact that we decorated our tree. He found a comfy spot beside our Hockey Canada ornament. I wonder if he’ll be watching the World Jr’s from the North Pole on boxing day?
Morning 14: Ahhhh… relaxing in a marshmallow bath.

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