Ruettiger: December 5th – December 9th

He’s a very busy little elf.
And a wee bit mischievous too.
Here’s what Rudy was up to from December 5th through December 9th.


Morning 5: Ruettiger coloured a picture in Dek’s colour book. He was “STOKED” that Rudy chose his favorite team.
Morning 6: Fishing for goldfish crackers from the kitchen windowsill
Morning 7: Apparently Ruettiger is a Packers fan, just like us! He’s all ready for teethbrushing time.
Morning 8: Looks like Santa sent Rudy home with a message for the boys.
Morning 9: The boys have been having trouble getting the ribbon off of their advent calendar books from Grumpy & Granny, so Ruettiger decided to help. He took all of the ribbons off the rest of the books – but he got a bit tangled up.

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