Mr & Mrs Legh

I still can’t believe that it was close to 10yrs ago that I met these guys!
Melisa moved to Victoria in 2003, and seeing as her boyfriend and my boyfriend (now our husbands) were such good friends, I knew we’d be spending a whole lot of time together. And as luck would have it, we hit it off right away! Phew! :)

Fast forward to 2010.  It was July, and I was overdue with my second little Duder.  It was Morgan & Melisa’s 7th anniversary – and Morgan popped the big question!  Melisa, who couldn’t have been more thrilled to finally be engaged to the love of her life, kept it a secret from her friends for DAYS, so as not to steal my thunder when baby Dey finally made a grand entrance.
When they came to visit in the hospital, I noticed the ring on her hand almost right away, and was beyond ecstatic for her when she came over to my bed and told me her good news!

It wasn’t much later, that Melisa told me that she wanted me to be their wedding photographer, and I was honored.

Congratulations Legh family! I couldn’t be happier for you guys :)

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