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A few months ago, after designing some “My Jones” soda bottles for my brother and future sister-in-law, I thought it might be fun to add some of my photos to the Jones Soda gallery, in hopes of maybe being lucky enough to have a label printed that featured my work.
I didn’t have high hopes, as the Jones gallery currently holds over 1,270,000 images.  But, I went for it anyways.  I uploaded about a dozen images, and tried not to think about it…. until I got an e-mail, saying that one of my images had been chosen as a “staff pick”.  The website says that a staff pick is the first step towards being chosen for an actual label. I was thrilled! So you can imagine my excitement when in the next little while, I received 4 more staff picks!!

Fast Forward to yesterday. At least a few months after having made my submissions.  I got an e-mail saying that one of my photos had been chosen for a label run!! And then I got another email, and another, and ANOTHER!!
How is it possible that not one, but FOUR of my images are all being printed in the latest label run!? I’m BEYOND excited about this news.  (And for those of you wondering, there were 72 images chosen for this run)

So, in order to take my bragging just a little bit further, here are the four images that were chosen:

Keep an eye on those store shelves in the coming weeks/months (I’m not exactly sure how long it even takes for these new bottles to hit the stores).  Clockwise, from the top left, it’ll be Easton’s 1st birthday on Cream Soda (my favorite!), Deklan’s Mexican wrestling mask on Root Beer, My Hipster boys on Cream Soda, and Deklan’s cookie face on Blue Bubble Gum.

I know I’ll be scouring everywhere I can to make sure that I’m able to get my hands on at least a bottle of each!

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