Katherine & Andy’s Wedding Day

I’ve been looking forward to this wedding since I first met with Katherine & Andy, all those months ago.  It’s usually the simple details that make a photographer the happiest, and at that first meeting, knowing that Andy would be wearing his Navy whites instead of a tuxedo, was an exciting tidbit to learn!

Fast Forward to Friday, August 26th…

The happy couple had a pretty venue (the Harbour Towers hotel), an organized & helpful Wedding Planner (Sandy Gibson of Details), and a gorgeous summer day for portraits along the breakwater.  They celebrated alongside family and friends, some of whom travelled across the country to be here and share their day.
What more could anyone ask for?

Congratulations Katherine & Andy!!
I had a great time photographing your perfect day; Thank-you for having me!

I know that some couples opt out of doing speeches at their reception, but there’s something so different and special about the emotion that’s portrayed at that point in the day.  By then, all the nerves are gone, the portraits are over, and the bride & groom just get to enjoy their party and their guests.  I’ve had the pleasure of capturing some very entertaining faces during wedding speeches this summer, and this night was no different…

And a big thank-you to Edward Lai for coming along and shooting with me all day.

If you’d like to see a few more photos, check out the Facebook page in a day or two for Katherine & Andy’s Sneak-Peek album.

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